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Foreign Spring Festival Lovol overseas service team in Sudan

foreign Spring Festival Lovol overseas service team in Sudan

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on January 13, 2017, the Sudan project team of Lovol service team and a delegation of 6 people went to Sudan. With the power battery's requirements for energy density and performance, the service parts guarantee work at the exhibition site was continuously improved, This project is an important stop for Lovol heavy industries to implement the "Sino Soviet agricultural modernization cooperation plan" and provide an overall solution for modern agriculture in Africa under the background of the national strategic deployment of the "the Belt and Road"

after nearly 20 hours of travel, the project team arrived at the destination and unloaded their luggage. It was more than 11:00 p.m. local time. Ignoring the rest, the service team leader called the team members together and made detailed arrangements for the follow-up work. It was required to focus on the needs of users, do a good job in product services and accessories support for Sudanese users, and fully meet the operating needs of user terminals

the service team drove a hundred kilometers late at night to deal with problems and solve users' urgent needs

early the next morning, according to the established arrangement, everyone in the project team quickly entered the working state, whether it was unloading, assembling the harvester, or helping the dealer establish a spare parts storage system. Everyone performed their respective duties and gave full play to their role. Time flies, and it turns out that January 27 is the most important traditional festival in China, new year's Eve. For every Chinese, today is a big day to leave the old and welcome the new and reunite the whole family. However, all members of the Lovol Sudan project team can overcome the obstacles in the process of the commercialization and utilization of graphene. In order to ensure the normal use of user products, they all decided to stay and spend this festival in a foreign country. Although we can't get together with our family and spend the holiday together, we can see the situation of harvesters that have been loaded and tested in the field, and the thumbs up of dealers who are satisfied with Lovol's products and services. Everyone's face overflows with a bright smile

engineers conducted professional training for end users

after the service work on New Year's Eve, the members of the project team prepared new year's Eve dinner together. Although there was no good wine and food, they ate their own hot dumplings. Experienced a unique new year in different places. On New Year's Eve, the service team members sent greetings to their parents and relatives at home. The company leaders also cared about the overseas service teams and sent them holiday greetings, so that they could always feel the warmth of the Lovol family

after the new year, the work of the project team will continue to expand market share, and each of their members is bound to be in the best condition to serve (1) develop the foundation, do a good job of every car, and serve every end-user well. This is the commitment of a service staff to users and the adherence to their mission. They firmly believe that Lovol's products and services will bring more value and joy to users all over the world in the future

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