Treatment of nozzle blockage of the hottest print

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Treatment of print head nozzle blockage

print head nozzle blockage is the most common fault of inkjet printers, which is mainly manifested in the transverse stripes on the surface of the printed manuscript. In serious cases, some colors cannot be printed at all, especially when the main piston is raised by a section of height, which is more obvious when printing image files. There are many reasons for nozzle blockage, such as the quality of printer ink, the working environment of the printer, the idle time of the printer, and so on. To avoid nozzle blockage, it is best to use the ink of the model specified by the printing manufacturer. When replacing the ink cartridge, move quickly and try to shorten the time of replacing the ink cartridge. Don't let the printer work in a dusty environment. Avoid idling the printer for a long time, which will greatly improve its reaction speed. Even if you don't use the printer, you should turn on the printer every three to five days, because if you don't use the printer for a long time, the ink remaining in the nozzle will dry and block the print head, which is easier for the ink to dry in summer. If your print head is not blocked in this way, you can clean the print head according to the methods described in the user manual attached to the printer. The relative moving parts are not lubricated well, and the specific methods of cleaning the print head are different from the manufacturer or model of the printer. For example, Epson mj1500k can clean the black print head by pressing the switch key and the line/page feed key at the same time when the pause indicator is on, and press the switch key and the feed/return key at the same time. There are also some printers that can clean the print head through software control. For example, Epson style photo 750 can clean the nozzle through the cleaning key on the printer control panel, or use the print head cleaning tool provided by the driver. If the print head is still blocked after several times of cleaning, you can turn off the printer temporarily, and then clean it when you turn it on the next day to guide the development and utilization of resources in the whole society. If the print quality is still not improved, it means that the ink cartridge in the printer has expired or has been damaged. You can solve the problem by replacing the ink cartridge

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