The hottest second 4gworldindia will be held soon

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The second 4G world India will be held soon.

following the success of its first holding last year, the second 4G world India will be held at the Leela ambience hotel in Gurgaon on April this year

Berge ayvazian, ARI Banerjee and Sridhar Pai, global telecom analysts (CEO and founder of tonse Telecom), will take you to discuss the successful strategy of 4G, the 4G equipment and service ecosystem and the transformation of 4G network at this year's conference to deliver massive information. The agenda of the meeting also includes the round table meeting of telecom enterprise leaders, the round table meeting of supervision, the senior management group meeting, and the regular application of a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease; Analyst briefing and government keynote speech

in addition, a seminar will be held to introduce LTE (long term evolution technology) and evolution. Participants will: understand the development momentum of LTE; Describe LTE interface and protocol; Explain the concepts of MIMO (multiple input multiple output) and OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing); Describe LTE architecture, node and packet core evolution; Formulate LTE voice scheme; And understand LTE and LTE enhancement technology

after the 4-hour training activity, participants will receive the completion certificate issued by ngnguru solutions and 4G world India

these achievements of 4G industry analysts reflect the changes of the group itself. Berge ayvazian, chairman of the conference and senior UBM tech, said: This 4G world India will focus entirely on the transformation of 4G networks. In India, we see that 4G, as the upper layer of 3G, is constantly developing. At present, the TD LTE network in the development stage is superior to the existing 3G network, with a small and limited coverage, but with an additional increase in capacity. To get rid of this dilemma, we need to develop devices that support both 3G and 4G, especially smart and tablet computers that can run immediately on such networks. So far, we have seen that most dongles are used to support the operation of personal computers and laptops on 4G networks. Therefore, our current device ecosystem is developed for 3G and 4G, and India has not yet formed a real 4G environment

outstanding leaders expected to attend this conference include:

Anthony Thomas, CIO of Vodafone India

heavy reading ARI Banerjee, senior analyst with it service providers as the main research direction

Arvind Bali, director and CEO of video telecommunications

Ashwani khillan, CTO of MTS India

Indian Association (Indian cellular Association) chairman Pankaj mohindro

mts India CIO Rajeev batra

mcarbon founder and CEO Rajesh Razdan

Bharti Airtel Rakesh Kumar, vice president of technology, R.K. bahuguna, chairman and managing director of railtel India, Shashin devsare, executive director of karbonn, s Krishnan, network director of videocom telecommunications, Sridhar t Pai, founder and CEO of tone Telecom, reliance J, brightened the eyes of everyone present. Summit Chowdhury, President of IO infocom, key meeting highlights:

more than 35 from India and all over the world Local speaker

the freshness preservation function of Telecom India is far greater than that of the current famous people in the plastic film industry

telecom industry analyst briefing

government keynote speech

round table of telecom enterprise leaders

multiple open sessions

numerous exchange opportunities

4G world India has become an important platform for major decision makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by India's mobile broadband ecosystem

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