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Seasonal packaging design expands market opportunities

it is an expensive and risky speculation to supply new products to the market. An effective way to attract consumers is to use packaging to give products a fresh and novel appearance image. The design strategy and packaging technology of products provide the market with new choices. Using the seasonal promotion of products can not only expand the market, increase the value of products, but also maintain the image and rights of the brand

season the successful case of sexual packaging began in 2014

Holiday packaging of Frangelico (original hazelnut wine in northern Italy): in the winter holiday gift season, Baijiu is the most popular gift. Most consumers made the purchase decision of franc2006 (2) 2011 elico wine gift packaging in the store, which shows that packaging plays a great role in shopping. Frangelico's holiday packaging can attract consumers' attention in a few seconds. It wraps the bottle in a holiday gift box, highlighting its noble quality

use elegant wine bottles to remind drinkers that this is a mixed wine, and show the festive atmosphere of Frangelico. The dark red packaging highlights the essence of the brand and also reflects the happy season of the holiday. On the gift package of Frangelico wine, there is a striking "F" brand, which plays a role of highlighting the brand with a design capacity of 35000 tons

welch's sparkling grape juice: by using shrink packaging, Welch achieved success with its lively packaging form. Welch grape juice stars stripes was launched in 2001, and has carried out long-term promotional activities from American independence day to labor day. Bright red, white and blue shrink packaging, and decorated with a standard star bar pattern of 200 yuan per square meter, deeply rooted the image of the statue of liberty and the fireworks in 2004

in order to extend the influence of the product to other seasons, Welch has launched a spring design, which is characterized by soft patterns, such as daffodils and lilies, suitable for spring festivals, including Easter, mother's day and wedding activities

maxell's series of CDs: recordable CDs are daily-use products that occupy a large market share in bulk and at low prices. In order to maintain the brand image, maxell launched a series of designer CDs with exciting appearance and innovative colors, giving people a "Oh, cool!" The feeling increases the value of the product. Especially for young listeners (12 ~ 21 years old), through the visual design on the disk, series CDS can classify the recordings of consumers

by providing consumers with a certain "new" feeling, maxell company is closer to consumers, making products have more design elements and more competitive prices. After being displayed on the shelf, it immediately attracted the attention of the target customer group. Other designer CD series will also be launched regularly to maintain the freshness of products and ensure the interest of retailers and consumers

market development

in order to expand the market and maintain the excitement of products, brand owners will use packaging very skillfully. The most important thing is to establish brand value, image and target consumers on the basis of maintaining the authenticity of products. The packaging should be suitable for the overall market strategy of the brand, including promotion, advertising, sales channels, promotion and publicity, etc. At the same time, the time limit, seasonality, shelf life, retailers, production costs and raw material prices at home and abroad should also be taken into account. In order to realize the plan, packaging engineers should work closely with brand experts. Determine the following factors:

* the core advantages of the brand, and how to maintain and strengthen the value of the existing brand

* application of the latest packaging and structural technology in products

* match the brand with the development trend of the industry

* the cooperation ability of packaging personnel in order to achieve packaging innovation within the scope of cost and parameters

* develop and implement effective appearance designs closer to consumers

information source: Modern Packaging

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