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The second international green paint industry development forum

theme: green water-based paint Organization selection, innovative application and industrial development of the third batch of pilot enterprises

location: China Renaissance Hotel Shanghai (five-star) time: November, 2009 (Wednesday Friday)

invitation letter

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the fifth international chemical manufacturers summit jointly sponsored and organized by the China Europe Chemical Manufacturers Association, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Federation of chemical associations, and the European Chemical Industry Commission, as well as by the European coating industry commission, the International Coatings Association The second international green paint industry development forum, jointly organized by the American paint and Coating Association, is scheduled to be held in China in November More than 300 leading chemical manufacturers, industrial investors and top financial experts from the chemical industry gathered in Shanghai, China at the Renaissance Shanghai Chunda hotel in Shanghai. The guests will have a dialogue on green manufacturing, industrial development and new investment opportunities in the new environment of global manufacturing. The forum will also explore a unique new mode of green technology innovation and cooperation, which can bring innovative solutions to the special chemistry and coating industry chain. This summit is composed of four thematic forums: CEO round table, International Chemical Investment Cooperation summit, international green paint industry development forum and international automotive plastics and innovative materials forum. It is the top summit of high-level dialogue in the global chemical manufacturing industry. We hope to invite you to attend this forum and jointly participate in the innovation and market cooperation of green paint manufacturing industry

attend the CEO round table meeting on November 17 (Tuesday), foreign representatives check in and stay in the hotel

in the afternoon of November 18 (Wednesday), CEO round table meeting and Green Manufacturing Forum

13:15pm sign in/wear leaders to attend the badge location: China Executive chairman of the opening ceremony at 13:45pm in the International Conference Hall of Renaissance Hotel Shanghai: drewliveris, chairman of the International Federation of Chemical Associations

14:00pm-17:30pm CEO round table

18:9 Reverse zigzag test oil cup and places with relative lubrication should be often oiled 00pm Pujiang tour/cocktail party carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials to improve the strength of lightweight bicycles and rackets

November 19 (open Thursday after adding the test piece) [main venue] the Fifth International Chemical Investment Cooperation summit

8:10am-8:45am sign in/wear the badge place to attend: China The International Conference Hall of Renaissance Shanghai Chunda Hotel

8:00am the green exhibition hall is open all day

8:15am-8:45am specially invited guests leaders meet with the VIP Hall group photo

9:00am opening ceremony Executive Chairman: anhenryeigeman, vice chairman of the European Cooperation Commission

9:30am investor summit theme: investment opportunities in special chemicals and new materials industry

10:30am tea break

11:10am investor discussion: "Post Crisis Era" ——Industrial layout under the investment reform of high-tech fine chemical manufacturing industry

12:20am group photo of guests

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