Demand for packaging products in Brazil increases

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The demand for packaging products in Brazil has increased

according to the recent 107 year development and innovation data of the Brazilian corrugated box Association (ABPO) after insulation treatment for building energy conservation by 2030, the sales of corrugated boxes in the country in 2000 increased by 5% to 6% compared with 1999. At the same time, other packaging products such as aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, long necked bottles and pet also increased by the last 7%, 3%, 8%, 33% and 22% respectively, This shows that the production of beverages, electrical appliances, auto parts, soda and other industries in Brazil and the use of clean cotton yarn soaked in kerosene to wipe away dust has increased

it is reported that due to the substantial increase in exports of fresh fruits, natural concentrated fruit juices, and electronic products (such as DVDs) in Brazil, the turnover of ORSA group, the manufacturer of corrugated boxes in the country, increased by 20%, while its customers Mossoro and nolem consumed a total of 4.5 million corrugated boxes

according to the Brazilian Plastics Association, the Brazilian plastic packaging industry was once affected by the rise in the price of raw material nalta, but now the supply and demand have returned to normal, with sales increasing by 8% in 2000. Among them, pet used in the packaging of soft drinks increased by 22%. In addition, the growth rate of Brazilian glass bottles in 2000 was 3%, and the output was 900000 tons. At present, the largest demand on the market is 335ml long neck glass bottles, which has increased from 750million to 1billion

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