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The second machine tool factory has won the five consecutive titles of Qinhuai lantern exhibition

the Qinhuai Lantern Festival (also known as Jinling Lantern Festival and Confucius Temple Lantern Festival) which is the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, is the highlight of Nanjing during the Spring Festival over the years. Appreciating lanterns has become an important part of Nanjing People's cultural life. The prosperous scene of "flowers and trees in the east wind night" is deeply left in the memory of Nanjing people. Nanjing No.2 Machine Tool Factory, with a history of 100 years, has participated in the production of Qinhuai Lantern Festival for many times, and won the "No.1" of the Lantern Festival for five consecutive years

The Qinhuai Lantern Festival has a long history, which has been more than 1700 years. It began in the northern and Southern Dynasties and has developed rapidly since the Tang Dynasty; Since the Ming Dynasty, the lights along the Qinhuai River have become unparalleled in the world; The painted boats with lanterns hanging on the Qinhuai River, commonly known as "lamp boats", are also famous all over the world. Today's Lantern Festival has moved from Dacheng hall in Confucius Temple scenic area to the Ming city wall; From Zhonghua Gate Wengcheng to dongshuiguan; It extends along the Qinhuai scenic belt to Dabaoen Temple Ruins Park, Bailuzhou, laomen East and other places. It can be said that Qinhuai Lantern Festival is the only large-scale Folk Lantern Festival with the longest duration, the largest number of participants and the largest scale in China, which integrates lantern exhibitions, lantern fairs and lantern markets

during the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival over the years, the number of citizens and tourists who went to the Confucius Temple to watch lanterns often reached as many as 67 million. The lights all over the sky, such as the tide of people, are close to each other. Even the rainy and snowy weather can not stop the enthusiasm of citizens to come to watch the lights. The social picture of the splendor of the lights in Qinhuai River in history can be seen in the poetry, lyrics and literary works of Zhu Ziqing, such as "the lights on both sides shoot blue waves, and a blue oar paddles the Milky Way", and "the Qinhuai River in the sound of oars and the shadow of lights"

since 1985, the people's Government of Qinhuai District of Nanjing has organized an annual "Qinhuai Lantern Festival" during the Spring Festival, and invited many well-known enterprises at that time, such as Nanjing machine tool factory, Nanjing Chenguang machine factory, Nanjing No. 2 machine tool factory, and many other units to participate in the Lantern Festival activities, and organized colored lantern selection at each Lantern Festival. The lanterns, such as three little monks, the three movements of Meng's mother and the mountain splitting to save her mother, are all based on folk classical literature or legends, and have been moved to the Lantern Festival by skilled craftsmen in enterprises. That group of colored lights tells a moving story with thousands of lights on the banks of the Qinhuai River. The new name covestro is a combination of several words, attracting citizens and tourists to walk in the wind in a relaxed and comfortable way and forget to return. It's the first time for a big girl to get on the sedan chair. In the "tiger" year of the lunar calendar in 1986, after receiving the invitation, the trade union of the factory immediately took up the team, organized relevant personnel to conceive the topic selection in a very short time, took out the sample draft, and finalized the lantern scheme of "Bing Yin Hu Xiao" in the year of the tiger. In terms of the shape of the "tiger", participants gathered their wisdom and believed that this "tiger" should not only pursue exaggerated contrast in art, but also be simple and vivid. The light group was also dispatched by workshops and departments, including seven or eight electricians and carpenters, under the unified command of Zhang Bozhen, the art worker of the trade union, and the production began. At that time, everyone was young, energetic, time tight, heavy tasks, overtime became the norm, and there was no rest on Sundays

tie this pair of high-performance aerospace and industrial parts 10 point key lights step by step. First, tie several "tigers" into a skeleton by iron wire according to the size on the drawing, then set the shape (including action), and then use gauze to layer the "tigers". How can we make the "tiger" look furry and feel textured? After thinking a lot of ways, the lamp team finally boldly decided to use sponge material to wrap the "tiger" (which was original in the history of lighting at that time). Nowadays, the colored lanterns are made of paper or cloth, and the sponge material is used. In addition to light transmission, it can also be retracted. The color is very realistic. With the sound (tiger roaring), flashing lights (tiger eyes), and stage spray, the effect of clouds swirling around the tiger roaring mountain forest comes out

after more than two months of hard work that year, the large-scale craft lantern of "Bingyin tiger roar" integrating sound, motion and light was finally completed before the Spring Festival with the concerted cooperation of the lantern crew

extraordinary first appearance

"tiger" New Year Lantern also leads to an interesting story

according to the past practice, the lights are on the thirteenth day of the first month, the lights are on the fifteenth day, and the lights are on the eighteenth day. The light group will place the colored lights in the factory auditorium. I don't know where the mayor of Nanjing at that time heard that the second machine tool factory had made a "tiger" that could be called, so he came to watch it with great interest. As soon as they saw it, they immediately ordered: before the lights were on, they would send it to the Confucius Temple immediately, and it would be displayed on the new year's Eve, so as to meet the citizens as soon as possible. The chairman of the trade union of the factory called the battery car to command and tow the "tiger" on the road. He only saw him with a whistle in his mouth, waving his arms to guide the way in front, and the traffic police were on duty along the way. For a time, the streets were bustling and crowded, becoming the first university of Nanjing that day. The Nanjing Yearbook also recorded it as a major event in the 1986 Yearbook

during the exhibition at the Confucius Temple that year, many citizens rushed to the Confucius Temple to have large-scale craft lanterns, especially the "tigers" who could roar. The number of people surged, and the bus company also increased night vehicles for this purpose. The branch hopes to maintain a low patent fee to facilitate the return of citizens in Jiangbei

the lantern "Bingyin Huxiao" of the second machine tool factory won the "first prize"

In 1989, following the Qinhuai Lantern Festival, the municipal government took the lead to move the Lantern Festival to Xuanwu Lake Park on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. In the creative practice, many exhibitors and folk artists have unremittingly conveyed spirit in form, moved by emotion, and made lanterns with beauty and emotion. The standard of lanterns is getting higher and higher, and the appreciation is also getting stronger and stronger. Once again, they have brought a visual feast to the general public and presented a generous gift for the national day. At that time, Xuanwu Lake Park was a sea of people, with a beautiful scene of "a garden of lights falling from the sky, thousands of corals riding the sea", "hundreds of flowers spit out the night, and the four lights seem to contain spring"

the second machine tool factory also made persistent efforts in those years and won five consecutive titles. The details are as follows: Bingyin tiger roar in the year of the tiger in 1986; In the year of the rabbit, the jade rabbit makes the moon in 1987; 1988 year of the dragon "double dragons playing with pearls"; In the year of the snake in 1989, the tiger crouched in the dragon's plate and the present triumphed over the past; In the year of the horse in 1990, "Li Xiang, China is a great agricultural monarch, back to Qinhuai". The reason why foreign businessmen came to the factory to purchase machine tools is that the second machine tool factory is so famous for making colored lights, and the quality of machine tools is certainly not bad! The Lantern Festival has brought great social influence and good economic benefits to the second machine tool plant. The scenes are similar year by year, and the lights are different year by year. Every city has its regional culture and human history worth showing to the world. In the eyes of Nanjing people, the Qinhuai Lantern Festival, which used to enjoy the reputation of "the best Lantern Festival in the world" every year, is undoubtedly the most beautiful business card of this beautiful cultural ancient city of Nanjing. Ju Peisheng

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