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The demand for carton packaging of dairy products in the United States will be reduced

the latest research results of freed205 aluminum alloy window support onia group in the United States show that at present, consumers are increasingly concerned about the nutritional problems of dairy products, and believe that the smaller the packaging container, the fresher the food inside. This consumption tendency will increase the demand of dairy packaging market by 4.1%

freedonia group further pointed out that with the increase of this demand, the demand for dairy packaging will reach a peak of $4.3 billion in 2010. Milk packaging will increase the force swing bar by 3.5% a year, which will reach $1.25 billion by 2010; At the same time, cheese packaging will increase by 3.4% to $965 million by 2010; The packaging of frozen dairy products is expected to increase by 3.8% to US $800million by 2010

bottled and bagged milk will also become an important part of the development of China's automobile industry, and the demand will increase significantly. At the same time, the demand for cup and barrel milk will also increase. The increasing demand for cheese, frozen dairy products, milk and other new dairy products will drive the increase of relevant packaging containers

it is expected that as the demand for bottled and bagged dairy products increases, the demand for carton packaging will decrease

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