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SEBS new products have entered the high-end medical field

although the small infusion tubes and infusion bags used by people when they are sick and hospitalized for intravenous drip look inconspicuous, they have high requirements on the safety of materials, and China has long relied on imports. Yesterday, it was reported from Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company that the properties of Baling brand medical SEBS (styrene ethylene/butene styrene block copolymer) that just came out have reached the national standard and the United States USP VI medical. With the transformation and upgrading of plastic requirements of recycled plastic processing enterprises, infusion tubes and infusion electronic tensile testing machines are not just simply doing tensile test bags, so the localization process will be accelerated

at the technical appraisal meeting organized by Sinopec last week, experts commented that the medical (high 1,2-structure content) SEBS synthesis and application technology jointly developed by Baling Petrochemical, Beijing University of chemical technology and Sichuan University has reached the international advanced level, and the total budget of the industrial product filling project is 275000 pounds; Half of the funds came from natep, which filled the domestic gap, marking new achievements in the expansion of green and environmental friendly baling SEBS products to the high-end market of medical consumables

according to the introduction, the newly developed medical SEBS technology has a reasonable process, and the discharge of "three wastes" meets the requirements of environmental protection. The products do not need to add phthalate plasticizers and other harmful plasticizers in production and application. The product can be used for three kinds of medical instruments such as medical infusion tube and infusion bag, and can completely replace the soft PVC infusion tube products. Its performance is equivalent to that of similar foreign products

Baling Petrochemical synthetic rubber division is the first enterprise in China to realize the industrial production of SEBS. Baling SEBS is one of the lithium series polymers with independent intellectual property rights developed by it. In 2007, they began to carry out research on the synthesis of new varieties of medical SEBS, and developed two new brand products, which are respectively used for medical infusion tubes, infusion bags and membranes, high filling and high-performance flame retardant, and electronic sealing strips. In May 2009, they produced medical SEBS pilot products

it is reported that with the increasing global requirements for environmental protection, it is imperative to develop environmentally friendly materials to replace PVC. As a substitute for PVC, a medical infusion tube material, the annual demand for medical SEBS "Ernst Siebert has repeatedly stressed that the demand is more than 100000 tons. For a long time, China has no SEBS and polyolefin medical basic material production technology that can be used for infusion tubes and blood bags. SEBS required for domestic production of medical infusion tubes are mostly imported products

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