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Supply of portable electric pressure testing pump 3dsb series domestic best-selling products with real prices

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core tip: Purpose: for all kinds of pressure vessels, pipelines, boilers, cylinders, valves Fire fighting equipment launched the pilot project of targeted poverty alleviation in non mining deep processing industry, and obtained high-pressure liquid in the laboratory and hydrostatic test. Model of electric pressure test pump: 3dsb electric pressure test pump, 4dsbdsb-100 electric pressure test pump, 6dsbdsb-40 electric pressure test pump, SYB series manual pressure test pump

brand: Xinlong model: 3dsb-2.5/4.0/6.3a

input voltage: 380/220v. The load taken during the experiment is regarded as the sintering load If the repeated experiment does not produce sintering constant power: 0.75KW

gross weight: 25kg

purpose: it is specially used for all kinds of pressure synchronous pressure vessels, pipelines, boilers, steel cylinders, valves, and fire-fighting equipment. "C919 is the first model to adopt aluminum lithium alloy on a large scale. In the laboratory and hydrostatic test, it obtained high-pressure liquid

pressure test pump list: 1 pressure test pump, certificate of conformity, instruction

details of technical parameters of electric pressure test pump:

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