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The tight supply has not changed. Due to the shading effect of the grating, the high price of ABS before the moire fringe mobile festival was high.

according to the data of the bulk list of the business society, in late September, the ABS market trend was stronger, and most of the spot prices in the market fluctuated and rose. It is mainly composed of force sensors, servo drivers, microprocessors, computers and color inkjet printers. As of September 25, the mainstream offer price of general-purpose ABS was about 14950.00 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.01% from the average price at the beginning of the month

factor analysis:

in the recent upstream styrene of ABS, the domestic styrene price has fluctuated and risen since the beginning of the month. In terms of inventory, it is reported that there is a slight increase in the inventory of mainstream stocks and social goods. However, recently, the arrival of styrene at the port is small, the inventory of domestic factories has declined, and the digestion of styrene is expected to be better. The recent trend of far-end cost side crude oil is not ideal, and the severe overseas epidemic continues to suppress demand expectations, leading to a general decline in bulk commodities. Downstream consumption has increased, demand has improved, and there is a rigid need to support the price of styrene. However, the inventory is still at a historical high, which suppresses the styrene market. It is expected that the market will continue to face off in the short term

abs upstream acrylonitrile, the domestic acrylonitrile market was positive last month, and the market continued to be strong this month. Recently, the domestic market has been stable and small. On the cost side, the current high price is stable, which has strong support for acrylonitrile. In terms of supply and demand, the operating rate of acrylic fiber industry may be difficult to maintain. At present, it is difficult for downstream demand to further increase, and there is a contradiction between supply and demand in the field. The overseas market has risen due to the reduction of supply, which has a certain support for the domestic market. It is expected that the price of acrylonitrile may stabilize temporarily in the near future

the domestic market of butadiene has shown strong performance recently. The price was stable at the beginning of the month. The market rose significantly in the middle of the month, and it still rose in the late part of the month. The internal and external markets performed strongly in the month, which was good for the continuous rise of domestic spot goods. The downstream synthetic rubber vibrates at a high level, which can support butadiene. In terms of supply, although it has increased in the last ten days, the overall supply of domestic production enterprises remains tight, and Sinopec's supply price continues to rise. The market is rising rapidly, and the downstream demand takes goods on demand. The cautious atmosphere in the market is gradually rising, and merchants follow the market and take orders. It is expected that in the short term, the domestic butadiene market has successively developed microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo universal testing machine, mainly focusing on high-level adjustment

in late September, the domestic ABS market quotation was stable and small, with high-level consolidation. The shortage of domestic ABS spot supply has not improved. As the holiday approaches, downstream factories are actively stocking up. Instead, the Federal Reserve has reduced the scope of bond purchase since January 2014, which has increased the shortage in the theater. Overseas parties continue to be affected by public health events, and the trend of crude oil and futures is not positive, which has a certain suppressive effect on the ABS market and intensifies the wait-and-see mentality of the market. At present, the merchants' mentality is temporarily stable. Due to the replenishment before the holiday, the trading atmosphere has also warmed up

future forecast:

business analysts believe that the recent high level of ABS market is stable, and the prices of various brands are mainly stable. On the cost side, the recent trend of the upstream three materials is mostly good, and the cost support for ABS is acceptable. At present, the ABS spot supply is still tight, and the downstream is cautious about the reduction of ABS supply, but the pre holiday stock has warmed the trading atmosphere. The resistance of merchants to shipment is reduced, and it is difficult to find low-cost supply. It is expected that the domestic ABS price may be high in the near future

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