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Supply chain information cooperates with Southeast automobile to achieve production zero inventory

why does southeast automobile dare to achieve production zero inventory? And how can the supporting factory ensure that the correct number of correct accessories can be sent to the correct location of the chrome plating production line of the raw surface of southeast automobile at the right time

in the past, people often attributed the zero inventory of southeast cars to the good industrial layout around Southeast cars. Of course, since the southeast automobile factory was opened in 1996, it has been surrounded by more than 30 spare parts supporting manufacturers such as Quanxing, Taiquan and Lianhong, which provides almost the smallest spare parts supporting radius for the development of southeast automobile. However, the small supporting radius does not mean that zero inventory can be achieved, but also requires standardized management and smooth information between enterprises. At present, the seamless connection between southeast automobile and more than 30 surrounding supporting plants is largely due to the supply chain integrated information exchange platform. It is understood that the delivery time of these supporting factories to Southeast automobile can be controlled between 5 and 20 minutes each time, which greatly improves the speed of logistics flow between supporting industries

supply chain collaboration

implementing informatization to improve management level and increase the core competitiveness of enterprises is the inevitable choice of every enterprise. Due to the fact that Dongnan automobile is a mixed production line, the paper industry in 2019 or continues the downturn in the industry, it has strict requirements on the timeliness and accuracy of delivery from supporting factories, which requires the whole supply chain to improve efficiency. In fact, the leaders of southeast automobile have long seen that the competition among automobile enterprises in the future will be the competition among the whole industrial chain

in 2002, the production and sales of southeast automobile increased significantly, and began to rush towards the annual output of 80000 vehicles, putting forward higher requirements for the management of the central plant and supporting plants. Southeast automobile hopes to improve the management level of supporting plants and develop together. Informatization has become an important means. In this context, Southeast automobile began to assist supporting factories nationwide to find a suitable ERP system

huangzhenchang, manager of the southeast automobile information center, said that taking advantage of the clustering advantage of the supporting system of the southeast Automobile City, we should promote the construction of the supply chain management system, and encourage supporting plants to choose to use the same ERP system, which can avoid developing too many interfaces due to information sharing in the future

from August 2002 to the end of 2003, more than 30 supporting factories such as Quanxing, Taiquan and Lianhong successively implemented the ERP system of Yifei; Subsequently, Southeast automobile established a perfect supply chain management system. By the end of 2004, all supporting factories in Southeast Auto City had implemented the supply chain management system, including supporting factories, logistics centers, etc. in 2006, the supply chain management system of supporting factories in other cities had been implemented. Huang Zhenchang said that since all supporting plants use the same ERP, information resources can be fully shared, which has laid the foundation for the establishment of the regional network and information exchange platform of the southeast automobile city

after the completion and implementation of the southeast automobile supply chain cooperation project, the management level of each supporting plant has been greatly improved, and the demand for the doubling of the future performance of southeast automobile has been better met from the aspects of research and development, prediction, planning, production, shipment and so on; At the same time, it enhances the competitiveness of the supply chain and faces the market competition with an integrated and collaborative supply chain system. Southeast automobile factory and supporting factories exchange data through management software to effectively reduce inventory level and improve delivery accuracy, minimize inventory, and truly realize production on demand and ordered delivery; The management information in the whole supply chain system is comprehensive, accurate, timely and effective

shortened inventory time

now, the daily parts production and vehicle production and assembly of more than 30 supporting plants of southeast automobile are carried out simultaneously, and the inventory is greatly reduced, so that the whole "southeast Automobile City" has achieved "zero inventory, JIT" production

Fuzhou Sanyi Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the first supporting enterprises to launch ERP in the southeast Auto City. "Sanyi is Kanban delivery, four times a day. With ERP system, Sanyi downloads orders, forecasts, Kanban in the southeast station, generates orders through the" easy to fly "system, arranges production, generates sales orders, ships to the shipping department, and sends them to Southeast automobile; According to the sales forecast, the purchasing department will issue purchase orders based on the material demand. "Huang shaolun, the head of the Department, said frankly that one of the goals of introducing ERP is to effectively reduce inventory and maintain inventory within a controllable range

it is also the introduction of ERP that southeast automobile has established a closer relationship with the supporting factory. The implementation of ERP not only hopes that the supporting factory can deliver goods timely and accurately, but also hopes to reduce the inventory of the supporting factory and improve management

Lianhong company is a matching company that produces car seats in the southeast Auto City. Now the staff of the matching factory log in to the southeast auto supply chain station, download the latest demand plan of southeast auto, including the production sequence, supply time, supply quantity, accessory model number and other information, and then automatically import it into the ERP system of Lianhong company. After docking with the inventory information of Lianhong, Form the supply plan from Lianhong to Dongnan automobile and the material demand plan from Lianhong to its own suppliers, and send them to Dongnan automobile and the suppliers of Lianhong synchronously. From Lianhong receiving the demand plan of southeast automobile to Lianhong's supplier receiving the material demand plan of Lianhong, the whole process is almost synchronous. After receiving the supply reply from Lianhong company, Southeast automobile can immediately prepare for receiving the goods, including filling in the documents, arranging the receiving personnel, etc. The production line of Lianhong company fine tuned the production sequence according to the latest demand plan of southeast automobile, including adjusting the product model and production quantity. In this way, most of the seats produced by Lianhong can be used almost when they are offline. 4. Protection function: install a small trailer and send it to the whole vehicle assembly line of southeast automobile. "Lianhong has a long-term cooperative relationship with Southeast automobile. Coupled with convenient geographical location, the inventory time is extremely short, only 4 hours. After the implementation of supply chain management, Lianhong's inventory has been reduced to 2 hours," Huang Zhenchang said

industrial upgrading

in recent years, Southeast automobile has formed four major brands and nine product series models. Although the enterprise was affected by the financial crisis, the production and sales volume still achieved adverse growth in the first half of this year. Statistics from the State Administration of Taxation of Fujian Province show that from January to July this year, Southeast Automobile produced 34097 vehicles, an increase of 58.12% year-on-year; 35712 cars were sold, with a year-on-year increase of 46.72%. While the production and sales volume increased, the inventory did not increase, but continued to decrease, and achieved a synchronous reduction with the inventory of supporting factories (except for a few supporting factories in other provinces and cities). What is the secret of southeast automobile's remarkable performance

Huang Zhenchang analysis, "Information communication enables the supply chain to discover the demand fluctuation of southeast automobile in time, remind the supporting factories to adjust their production plans in time, and remind the suppliers of the supporting factories to adjust their supply plans. The delivery plan arranged by southeast automobile for each supporting factory is compact and orderly, and the error of delivery time is controlled within 10 minutes, otherwise it will face fines; the supply chain will keep up with the needs of enterprise strategic changes; breathe together with partners Fate, Southeast automobile will closely link the interests of the company and the interests of its partners so as not to affect the imaging quality. "

after organizing the ERP project construction of supporting plants, Southeast automobile has established a perfect supply chain management system, implemented the supply chain management system for all supporting plants, including supporting plants, logistics centers, etc., and began to implement the supply chain management system of supporting plants in other cities in 2006

at present, the supporting plant of southeast Auto City and Southeast auto form a large operation platform through the 100m optical fiber metropolitan area, and there are tens of thousands of deliveries on the operation platform every day; While the supporting factories in other cities remotely access the supply chain platform through the Internet. Huang Zhenchang said that the information system Heluo gave the parts factory of southeast automobile "a pair of insight" to let them know what model southeast automobile is preparing to produce, how to arrange the production sequence, when to need how many materials, and then the parts factory delivers goods on demand. (end)

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