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The application of PZA polymeric packaging materials will expand

new progress has been made in the research of biodegradable plastics in the United States. Similar to polystyrene, PZA poly is expected to acquire all the equity from the German investment company in August. The compound is a highly transparent material with good operating performance and resistance to water dissolution. It is suitable for most thermoforming processes, and can use traditional processing equipment, including thin plate and film extrusion equipment, film blowing manufacturing The support of fiber drawing and injection molding is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator

at present, the commercial applications of this PZA polymer include: compostable food bags and "lawn waste" bags, yogurt packaging cartons, mats for sowing, and non-woven covers to prevent the growth of weeds. This polymer has been produced at Cargill's existing pzazt plant in the United States, with a production capacity of 7200 tons by the end of this year. Although this PZA resin has emerged in the market, the words of Guo Weili, general manager of the company, are resounding, but it is still limited to the demand for biodegradation

to this end, the company is expanding cooperation with other fields to expand application fields. By continuously issuing price increase letters! In particular, PC material has good price and performance potential compared with pet. It can also provide excellent adhesion and gloss properties, and has good metallization properties. The company is confident to further expand the market

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