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The application of parec reverse scraper in the automotive industry

human beings will no longer have the problem of food shortage. I. preface

parec (parec) company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of amputees with prosthetic limbs who can obtain the same sense of safety and tool presetters. It focuses on the production and sales of tool handles, boring tools, tool presetters (tool presetters), turning center power tool holders and reverse scraper tools. At the same time, it provides customers with a series of supporting products, accessories and services to meet the needs of different users. Through technical support and product diversification, paleck is committed to providing you with a full range of processing solutions to help you create higher benefits. As a manufacturer of reverse scrapers, PARLEC continues to be the world leader in the field of fully automatic reverse scrapers and reverse boring cutters. In autofacer reverse scraper technology, we pursue innovative cutting tool solutions that can eliminate the cost of two operations and reduce the processing cost of parts

second, the current processing scheme of automobile differential housing

analyze the differential housing parts. The difficulty of processing lies in the internal spherical counterbore and plane counterbore. At present, the common processing method is to use special machines and non-standard tools to process. The specific processing steps are as follows: grab the tool body into the workpiece with a manipulator, then extend the tool handle from the side and clamp the tool, withdraw the manipulator, and then start processing in the left and right directions. After processing, the manipulator grabs the tool body again, the tool handle withdraws, and the manipulator grabs the tool body and withdraws the workpiece. However, the use of special machines and non-standard tools is very expensive, and the processing cost is relatively high, as shown in the figure:

III. the solution of PARLEC (PARLEC) autofacer reverse scraper

the solution of PARLEC (PARLEC) is to use autofacer reverse scraper to process qualified products efficiently and conveniently on ordinary machining centers, which is very economical and does not need expensive special equipment, And the following describes the specific solution of the reverse scraper with a processing case of an enterprise

1. The red line on the drawing of the product and the product

indicates the position that needs to be scraped back

2. PARLEC autofacer reverse scraper

reverse scraper for scraping the spherical surface

reverse scraper for scraping the flat surface

specific processing sequence:

- spindle forward rotation, low speed, low feed, let the knife bar pass through the added hole to reach the safe position

- spindle reverse, low speed open the knife clip

- increase the speed, Turn on the coolant

- normal feeding, reverse scraping the plane (spherical)

- return to the safe position, reduce the speed, turn off the coolant

- the spindle rotates forward, and close the tool holder at low speed

- low feed lifting the tool bar

before and after processing, the surface roughness reaches Ra0.8

the processing size and roughness meet the drawing requirements

through the actual processing and turning, we can find the advantages of PARLEC reverse scraper:

simple operation: assembly and programming are very simple

very high reliability: the opening and closing of the cutter block are very accurately controlled by the positive and negative rotation of the spindle. It is very suitable for large-scale production

the cutting tool block can be opened very accurately: the friction clutch inside the anti scraper can be used in the condition of severe intermittent cutting

flexible high-precision PC6 connection type: PC6 connection type has excellent repeated connection accuracy and great flexibility for the replacement of different tools

it is very suitable for occasions with high production efficiency and high reliability

is an ideal choice for CNC and assembly line production

IV. conclusion

in fact, this reverse scraping cutting technology has been very popular in the United States and has been applied to various industries, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, heavy equipment and train locomotives, power station equipment, marine vessels, pumps and valves. It is hoped that the purpose of this reverse scraping technology in China is to make complex metal structures (such as aircraft wings) made of composite materials, which will be more cost-effective and fully applied. (end stop the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm nationwide; in all supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places)

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