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Riye inverter textile application

riye inverter textile application

riye inverter is widely used in opening and cleaning machines, carding machines, slitting machines, combing machines, drawing frames, roving machines, spinning machines and lojan machines. For the swing angle of weaving 540 mode, we clamp the sample (or product) 540 through the fixture, rotate from zero to the set angle, and then reverse to the initial position. The machinery includes sizing machine, warping machine, etc. In addition, knitting machines, non-woven fabrics, China fiber machinery, printing and dyeing machinery are programmed for control, and then the synchronous operation of multiple motors is realized by the Daye frequency converter

by using AC frequency conversion speed regulation, it is unnecessary to spend more money to buy a microcomputer controlled wheel speed change mechanism without the cone, so as to overcome the problem of slipping and speed change of the cone pulley speed change belt. For the spinning frame, the forming cam in the forming mechanism is removed by using the frequency converter, which overcomes the phenomenon of peach bottom pause and peach top impact caused by the forming cam

textile application characteristics of riye inverter

excellent low-speed characteristics. The circuit has simple structure and high reliability. At the same time, it also has good addition and subtraction characteristics, torque characteristics and current limitation characteristics. The speed regulation accuracy can reach 0.5~1.0. The speed regulation range is within the range of 20:1. In order to improve the switching frequency of frequency converter, power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is applied. It is suitable for slitting warping machines, sizing machines, heat setting machines and chemical fiber filament spinning equipment with high speed regulation requirements and constant tension and constant linear speed

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