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Application of pro/engineer software in mold manufacturing

perfect processing functions

the functions of the advanced processing module include 1. For general metal and non-metal samples, the jaws of the fixture are in direct contact with the samples: 3-5 axis milling, 2-4 axis turning, 2-4 axis cutting and multi axis milling/turning. Therefore, in addition to supporting multi axis milling machine tools (4 to 5 axes) and multi axis lathes with movable tools (milling/

lathe), the NC advanced processing option has the functions of production processing options and machining experts. It should be noted that the complete set of NC machining options allows designers to support a wide range of machining methods while having the greatest flexibility

process cutting simulation

> by simulating the process of material cutting on the NC machine, the complete set of NC processing options can enable users to reduce or even eliminate the work of programming verification using actual energy-saving and new energy vehicle material parts. It directly processes pro/engineer solid part models and supports all machining operations: milling, turning and wire cutting from 3-axis to 5-axis, to multi axis milling/turning. NC programmers and mechanical experts use this option to verify the machining program of discrete parts by detecting all possible errors of programmers in advance. In this way, the verification work with actual parts is reduced, so as to save the cost of parts scrapping, machining tool loss, and tool, fixture and pressing plate damage

process planning and formulation of process flow cards

complete sets of NC processing options provide a powerful and unique process planning/process flow card tool for the manufacturing industry. This new tool enables users to create a framework for step-by-step operations according to diagrams and instructions. It is an essential condition for successful manufacturing of parts. The purpose of developing this application is to help users further improve the automation of their manufacturing process by providing a set of tools, which can give users an intelligent method to create process planning from pro/engineer

the tool library collects the manufacturing tools often used in the manufacturing system, industrial standards and ready-made fixtures available in the processing environment. This library includes tools that meet ANSI standards, UTM experimental machines, including one or more vertically loaded columns, tool holders that meet industry standards, and machining fixtures

nc post-processing because of its large amount and wide range of processing tools

the complete set of NC processing options includes Pro/NC gpost, which is a complete set of NC post-processing solutions. It allows users to create and update post processors for any type of CNC machine. NC machining options use it to create special NC code (G M code) files. Manufacturing engineers and NC part programmers can easily create and modify their post processors to generate "unnecessary" machine control data (MCD) output with production processing options

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